Precise Packaging Services, LLC 
Training & Auditing

Quality Assurance and Statistical Process Control


Precise offers on site Quality training for supervisors, line workers, Quality Assurance staff and  anyone else in your organization who needs a better understanding of the methods and underlying reasons for monitoring processes.


Our trainers offer specific time proven methods for monitoring your process to insure required adjustments are accurate and timely.  Some of the topics covered include:


·        Taking valid sample

·        Using various control chart methods  (charts for attributes, charts for variables)

·        Recognizing normal variation and determining when to react

·        Understanding the Normal Curve

·        Understanding Process Capability and what all those symbols represent

·        Understanding Specifications vs. Control Limits – they are not the same thing


We make statistics training painless and simple enough for an operator with basic math skills to be charting their processes after attending our class.  We teach SPC the way it was developed by Dr. Walter Shewhart and expanded by Dr. W. Edwards Deming, who led the Japanese quality revolution.  Please contact us for a course outline.  Custom training is also available.



Good Manufacturing Practices Auditing


No one wants a long list of corrective actions, or worse, a failure on a customer audit.  With over 20 years experience in direct quality systems management  and auditing, Precise knows what your food, drug and chemical customers are looking for during compliance audits.    We can make sure you are prepared and can even assist you with your customer or agency audit. 


Precise can perform GMP audits relative to 21 CFR – parts 210 and 211.


Precise Packaging Services is fully compliant with CFR 211.34 (consultant) requirements.