Precise Packaging Services, LLC 
Testing Services

Identifying the causes of slow line speeds and down-time can be difficult.  Resolution of package related customer complaints can be challenging.  Precise Packaging Services offers detailed lab analysis to resolve problems with:

          • Cocked caps
          • No caps
          • Slow feeding
          • Loose caps
          • Cracks
          • Bulging / collapsing side walls
          • Leakers
          • Bad welds
          • Liner incompatibility 
Our lab can perform the following evaluations on your packaging samples:
  • FDA/EPA/DOT Standards Compliance Testing, bottle finish analysis (T,E, I, H, ovality, CR function)
  • Consistency and conformance to specifications
  • Cap and bottle analysis
  • Vacuum Chamber leak test up to 1 Liter size
  • Internal pressure testing (any size package)
  • Induction Seal integrity
  • Photo microscopy (find liner pinholes, etc)
  • Cross section analysis
  • Gram weigh checks
  • Functional Testing including Torque Testing, Leak, Pressure Decay, Liner Compatibility, Dimensional Layout and Reporting
All dimensional and weight analysis is calibration linked to NIST.

Our lab equipment includes an optical comparator for precision measurement, microscopes both electronic and 7X binocular, melt flow indexer for plastics analysis, automatic and manual closure torque measurement meters, submersion leak testing, vacuum chambers, digital scales, and a variety of hand held measurement tools. Picture and video documentation of testing as requested.

Precise Packaging Services can assist you in obtaining Child Resistant Protocol Testing, Group Focus Studies and Preference Testing.

We are members of ASTM International and can preform testing to many standards including:
  • D1975 - Environmental Stress Crack Resistance of Plastic Injection Molded Open Head Pails
  • D2063/D2063M - Measurement of Torque Retention for Packages with Continuous Thread Closures Using Non-automated Torque Testing Equipment
  • D3198 - Application and Removal Torque of Threaded or Lug- Style Closures
  • D3469 - Measurement of Vertical Downward Forces to Disengage Type IIA Lug Style Child-Resistant Closures
  • D3470 - Measurement of Removal Lug Strippage of Type IIA Child Resistant Closures
  • D3472 - Reverse-Ratchet Torque or Type 1A Child-Resistant Closures
  • D3474 - Calibration and Use of Torque Meters Used in Packaging Applications
  • D3810 - Minimum Application Torque of Types 1A Child- Resistant Closures