Precise Packaging Services, LLC 
Rework and Sorting Services

On the rare occasion when problem parts slip past your quality system, you need help isolating/sorting out the defect. Turn around time to remake an order or do in house reworking may simply not be available, even with the manpower standing by.  As customers plan their production runs closer and closer to your product’s delivery dates, a delay can spell disaster for your business reputation. 


Let Precise Packaging Services be there for you.  We have performed defect analysis and sorting operations in major automotive and truck facilities as well as packaging plants.  Precise can travel to the customer’s site and work out an acceptable sorting plan.   If extra labor is needed, we can supply temporary workers to get the job done as fast and efficiently as possible.


As transportation costs continue to increase, our customers are finding the cost of our Rework Service is often less than the cost of freight hauling alone.


You can measure the cost of returns.  We can help you minimize that.  Harder to measure is the value of the good will your customer will feel when you quickly respond to a problem. Call us today to discuss an action plan so you will be ready in the future.